“And Lord knows…

“And Lord knows she’s beautiful
Lord knows the usuals, leaving a body sore
As she bust down like a 12 bunk on tour
She suddenly realized she’ll never escape the allure
Of the black man, white man, needed satisfaction, at first
It became a practice, but now she’s numb to it
Sometimes she wonder if she can do it like nuns do it
But she never heard of Catholic religion or sinners’ redemption
That sounds foolish, and you can blame it on her mother
For letting her boyfriend slide candy under her cover
Ten months before she was ten he moved in and that’s when he touched her
This muthafucka is the fucking reason why Keisha rushing through that
Block away from Lueders park, I seen a El Camino park
And in her heart she hate it there but in her mind, she made it where
Nothing really matters, still she hit the back seat
And caught a knife inside the bladder, left her dead, raped in the street”

For the real rappers reminding us that their poetry addresses more than we give them credit for.

Kendrick Lamar- Keisha’s Song (Her Pain) 


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