What this feels like.

Music is a journey in itself, it refuses to let you fall into silence. It is one of the only forces that can move you through the entire spectrum of human emotion by asking for only your ability to listen, if only for a few moments. I love being home but sometimes I feel more caged than relaxed, no ones fault, but I hate the feeling of stagnancy and knowing that I cant be anywhere I want in town whenever I want. I developed a sense of cabin fever over the last few weeks which was quickly resolved when I recommitted myself to writing and jamming out to some of these recent favorites. This is what these albums make me feel like.


Yuna- Yuna

Feels like: Watching the first time you fell in love except this version is much less awkward and without that entire phase of wondering where you should put your hands in the movie theater. Also in this version you are much more attractive and you look a little like Mila Kunis and you run through a lot more fields.


Childish Gambino- because the internet

Feels Like: Being stuck on repeat in a digitized version of your world  only to realize you’re in a nightmare but when you wake up you kinda want to go back to sleep just to try and make sense of it all. Also at one point you think you may have purchased a typewriter.

Oh but read the screenplay while you listen to the album, it enhances the entire experience and I personally think the mans a genius. (www.becausetheinter.net)


Jhene Aiko- Sail out

Feels like: Floating through a crowded, smoke filled room and finding yourself sitting on the beach at the end of the night watching the waves. Also you want to be as cool as Jhene Aiko. And have her booty.


Blood Orange- Cupid Deluxe

Feels like: Walking through New York alleys in the 80s/ 90s and being that one dude with the long trench coat just observing all the people who make their living at night. Also everyone is wearing bell bottoms and I don’t know why.


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