Excuse Me,

Why are my words ramblings, And yours art. Are they not built from the same bone? Are we not burdened by the same pen? Why are your words poetry And mine just words. Advertisements

7:12 PM

My living room is filled with a yawn. Big and enveloping quiet spreads itself over everything. And here I lay. Dark blue hues absorbing into the tile. The day is slowly melting into night. But each velvety second is tasted. As the light wills itself dim. So here I lay. Drifting in the crossbeams of […]

Unwrap Me Please

Sometimes I feel so stretched around myself I cant breathe. Not in the nice cradled way of infants or the final fermented way of the buried. But just wedged tightly in between. And I know I’m the only one who can unravel me, and fortune favors the bold and those who ought to be, but […]

Sitting in a far too quiet library-arched ceilings and faded globes stretched on canvas lining the walls dont move too much or the librarians will stare at you-type of quiet. Waiting for a chandelier to crash appropriately to the ground and shatter all timid silence. Waiting for any sound, any change. Pages turn, no chandeliers […]


I’ve seen All the bridges you burned to live how you live and now Its a quarter past three And even though you wont look at me, I want you to know that if they find us, Ill hide with you inside the closet Until they take us both away.

Lost in the City

It’s amazing that in a different place. A bigger place, an older place, one with less peace but much more life, lost is my loneliness. Perhaps it’s the thousand simultaneous pours of the morning’s coffee into the hurried paper cup, or that the air itself feels less stale. The papers being poured over by the […]

Under the Safety of Bed Covers

I fear growing old but not growing up. I fear that ill never be able to feel the simple happiness I did when I was a child. I fear disappointing those who have loved me and those who dream for me. I fear disappointing myself by constantly searching for the approval of others. I fear […]